Charter Options

A 'Barefoot day'

Join us for a boat cruise along the West Coast of Antigua. We will take you to Cades Reef for a beautiful snorkel and swim. You have the option to do some light tackle fishing after snorkelling. You also have the option for a little wakeboarding session and then relax at a secluded beach. ($600USD - up to 6 people, additional $50USD per person up to 10ppl Max) Times for this charter are varied to your preference but it is generally 6 hours long.

Check out our video of a typical 'Barefoot Day'.

(More videos can be found in Media).

A wakeboarding day

This includes spending the entire time focused on learning to wakeboard and shredding. This day is great if you are a beginner and are determined to get up and ride, or if you already know how to wakeboard you can spend the day improving with the help of our very knowledgeable instructors. You can take a break on the boat, relax, have a snack and go for a swim. For this option here are the prices and recommended time required:

  • 1-2 people, minimum 2 hours ($150USD per person)

  • 3-5 people, 3 hours, ($125USD per person)

  • 6-8 people, 5 hours ($100USD per person)

Take a peek at our video of a Wakeboarding Day on Barefoot.

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Day Trip to Barbuda

Barbuda is a hidden gem in The Caribbean. Many people who have grown up in Antigua have never even been there before! Due to its ‘untouched’ nature, Barbuda is full of amazing reef for snorkelling, incredible fishing and full of endless beaches with no people around! Our captain has a vast amount of knowledge about Barbuda and will show you some incredible spots. You have the option for us to take you to Uncle Roddy's for a lovely, local lunch right on the beach or to Barbuda Belle, which is a little more high end and off the beaten path. There is also the world renowned 'NOBU', which is an experience in itself. (lunch not included in our price).

Barefoot (25 ft Boston Whaler) - $1200USD (10 people max).

Sea Sea Rider (32 Ft boston Whaler) - $1300USD up to 7 people, additional $100US per person up to 11 people max)

This will be a full 8 hour day.

Enjoy our video of a dream day in Barbuda (more videos can be found in Media).

Fishing Day Charter

Come onboard for an unforgettable fishing day, chasing Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, and all the other large fish swimming in the Antiguan waters. There are several options for a fishing day with us:

o Option 1: (4 hours) Fishing on 'the edge' (trolling) $650USD (Starting at 7:30am)

o Option 2: (5 hours) Fishing at South Bank (trolling for Wahoo) $700USD (Starting at 7:30am)

o Option 3: (8 hours) Fish Attracting Devices (FAD) fishing (this is where you can get BIG yellowfin tuna, LOTS of action, highly recommended) $900USD (Starting at 7:00am)

o Option 4: (3-6 hours) 'Deep dropping' for Snapper and Grouper $500-$600USD (Starting times are flexible to your preference)

o Option 5: (3-5 hours) In-shore light tackle for Tarpon, Barracuda, Snapper, Mackerel $400-$500USD (starting at 10:00am)

o Option 6: (3 hours) Champagne sunset/night bottom fishing. Watch the sunset; have some complementary drinks; relax; listen to music and enjoy the evening fishing with an awesome crew. $300USD (Starting at 5:00pm -times can be adjusted to your preference)

Have a look at our video of one of the Fishing Charters (more videos can be found in Media).

Kitesurfing Excursions

From the comfort of your own private boat, get away from the crowds and join us for the ultimate kitesurfing excursion. Our trips follow the wind and take you on an unforgettable voyage through the finest kite spots in Antigua or Barbuda. Explore the islands and enjoy being pampered by our very experienced crew. Our crew consist of extremely skilled and knowledgeable ‘watermen’, who will make sure you are riding at the best locations for the conditions. We will take you to the most amazing, secluded spots, which are perfect for beginners or advanced kiters. We will always be there to make sure you are taken care of and your safety is our top priority.

We do not provide the equipment for kiteboarding; however, if you do wish to rent gear, we do have all the top notch kiteboarding gear available. If you would like kiteboarding lessons, learn from former ‘best in the world’ rider, Andre Phillip. He is a world renowned kiteboarder and has been a professional for over 20 years! His experience in watersports and skills are hard to come by and we are so lucky to have him as one of our instructors. He will get you up and riding faster than most!

Our experts will advise you on the best spot depending on conditions and your level of expertise.

Prices and times for this charter will vary depending on level of rider, location of riding, length of desired day and number of people.

Have a look at our video of one of the amazing kitesurfing excursions we can take you on!

(More videos can be found in Media).

Restaurant by Boat and 'Chill'

If you would like to go for a nice lunch ‘in style’, let us take you to a restaurant by boat! You can enjoy a little cruise and snorkel on the boat; have lunch and then enjoy the rest of the day swimming and/or wakeboarding in a pristine location with you and your crew for the day! There are several restaurants that we can take you to, and these are a few of our favourites. You can have a look at their menu and see which one is most appealing:

This price for this option varies depending on lunch location and boat being used but ranges between $600-$1000USD (does not include lunch).

Take a look at our video to get a feel for this kind of day!

(More videos can be found in Media).

All charters include a large cooler full of ice, drinking water and lots of storage space. We recommend bringing all that you need for the day including snacks, food and your own beverages. We can cater lunch on special request but this requires a deposit beforehand. You can send us a message on WhatsApp, send us an e-mail or call us for more information.