How can we help?

  • What time do we need to be at the dock?Since our charters are completely customized to your day, we can start when you like; however, when making the booking, we usually suggest a reasonable time for you, depending on your charter (generally 10:00am or 10:30am for barefoot/wakeboarding days).

  • Where do we get picked up/dropped off?We are located in Jolly Harbour and will pick you up at The Crow’s Nest’s dock (in front the old casino).

  • Can you pick us up at our hotel/preferred location? – Yes we can! It will usually be an extra fee (ranging between $25USD - $75USD depending on how far away from Jolly Harbour we need to go to get you).

  • Do you provide food?Our website prices do not include food; however, we can have our private chef prepare a lovely spread for you for $55us per adult/$25us per child. Alternatively, we can take you to a restaurant by boat or you are more than welcomed to bring your own snacks and food for the day too :)

  • What do we bring?Bring all that you need for the day in terms of food (snacks, lunch) and any extra/special drinks you want for the day. We have a very large cooler and provide ice and drinking water. You are welcomed to bring your own alcohol on the boat as well.

  • Can I do a wakeboarding charter if I have never done it before? – ABSOLUTLEY! Our crew are so knowledgeable and experienced that they will most likely get you up and riding in no time! If you don’t get up right away, don’t give up! (*You should be able to swim if planning on wakeboarding*).

  • If we are doing a fishing charter, where does the caught fish go? - In accordance with local and international island convention, fishing trip catches belong to the vessel (but we will give you a little fish to take home for yourselves too).

  • What happens if we get seasick and want to return to the dock? – Generally speaking, we are in very calm waters and the boat is fully open to the fresh air, making it rare to get seasick; however, should you get seasick, the full price of the charter will still be charged. It is HIGHLY recommended to take anti-seasickness pills if you know that you suffer from seasickness (ESPECIALLY if you’re booking a fishing charter).

  • I have something else in mind, but it’s not listed under ‘Charter Options’. What do I do?Not a problem! As mentioned before, our trips are completely customized to what you have in mind. We will try our best to accommodate your wants and needs (once it is possible to do). Give us a call (1-268-720-1593) or send us a message via WhatsApp or Instagram (@barefootantigua ). One of the crew will be able to guide/assist you and give you a quote on your preferred day!

  • What if I can’t swim?We do have lifejackets on board. Make sure you tell the captain that you cannot swim BEFORE leaving the dock so he is aware. He will take you to a shallow, calm beach where you can stand and wade in the water. You will not be able to take part in the wakeboarding activities.

  • How big is the boat?- We have three boats to choose from (check out 'The Fleet'). We have a 25ft Boston Whaler that holds 10 max; 32ft boston Whaler that holds 12 max; 40ft Nortech that holds 14 max.

  • How many people can go on the boat?See answer above :)

  • How do I pay? We currently accept cash, Bitcoin, local cheques, Visa and MasterCard. You can pay the captain on the day of your charter. NOTE- our prices on the webstie are assuming you will be paying via credit card. If you pay via cash, local cheque or BITCOIN, you will receive a small discount off these prices! Also, if you book directly with us via WhatsApp (1-268-724-1521), email (barefootantiguaoffice@gmail.com) or phone 1-268-726-6103 we will give a discount off of any charter prices seen on the website!

  • I see you can get a discount off the website prices if we book directly via Whatsapp, email or Phone. How does that work? If you reach out to us directly through any of these platforms, we will give you a guaranteed discount off the prices seen on the website. The discount ranges from $50us-$150us depending on the charter chosen :)